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Photos of Love
Turn Your Photo Into A Beautiful Message!

Turn Your Photo Into A Beautiful Message!

                          Photos of Love

   What better gift of love can you give someone like a customized photo as a keepsake?

   God has gifted me with an artistic talent, but I no longer have time to paint.  This talent combined with various photo software available today enables me to bless family and firends with personalized photo gifts.

   This webpage came about because many people were asking how to get one of my "photos of love".  I pray that my new little creative enterprise will bless you and your loved ones also.  *Depending on the size of your browser window, directions on how to use this site to create your own customized "Photos of Love" are either alongside the photos below or directly below the photos.


1. Click on the category that interests you, ie "With Jesus". You will then see all current designs that are under that category. Select the design you want customized and click it.  You will be taken to your shopping cart.  Leave "Quantity" in the shopping cart at "1".  Use of the shopping cart is self-explanatory.

2.  Printed pictures are formatted as 4X6 because it's an ideal size to frame and find a place for.  No extra charge to format a specific one as a 5X7 or 8X10.  Just specify your choice.

3.  Email the photo or photos you want included in your picture, information, names, colors, any scriptures, dates, etc. you would like.  The pictures displayed in our categories are for example purposes.  We will customize the design you pick with your pictures and the particular information you supply.  You are encouraged to customize it the way you desire.  Email you photos and the text you want used in the design you choose.  Also, it is very important to let me know what size you want the picture to be; either 4"x6", 5"x7", or 8"x10".  Email all this plus any questions you have to:  PhotosOfLove@aol.com

4.   Charge is a credit card payment of $9.95 for the finished design. (Plus 50 cents sales tax for Louisiana residents only.)  There is no shipping since it is sent to you by email.  On the form you click on " UPS ground" as the delivery method but it will show $.00 shippping on the next page.   I will send you the proof by email which you should have within 24-48 hrs.  We will work with you until you are completely satisfied.

     When you approve it; if you choose, I can send your order to your local Walgreens (street & City address required) and you can pick it up there within the hour after I notify you it has been submitted.  We love Walgreen's Photo Department because they frequently run specials.  Often the "4x6", the most popular size is only 19 cents + tax on each. (If there is a special in the store, I will take advantage of it for you.)   You look at and approve your photo before you pay Walgreens for it.  They will redo it until you are satisfied.  If you wish us to place your order at Walgreen's please make sure you let us know how many copies you want.