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Tomato Summary

Aqua-Chi vs. IonCleanse®
Tomato Test - set-up & conclusion

So what happened in the tomato test? We can see that the Ioncleanse tomato rots at an accelerated rate, decaying much faster than the regular flesh of an untreated tomato, and the Aqua-Chi treatment helps the tomato stay fresh and healthy.

Why does this happen?
First, it is important to understand that the Aqua-Chi and the Ioncleanse are not the same. (clearly shown and demonstrated by testing) In fact, they are nothing alike. The Ioncleanse creates a high charge in the water via the process of ionization and the Aqua-Chi creates energy for the body, but with low levels of ionization as a secondary effect. This low level secondary ionization effect produced by the Aqua-Chi is completely safe as demonstrated by all the research and trial work undertaken by Aqua-Chi. Much higher levels of ionization in the water like the Ioncleanse produces may not be so safe, and at certain levels can interfere with a living cell in an adverse way.

Lets Explain Aqua-Chi a Little Better.
We said that the Ioncleanse creates a high concentration of ionization and the Aqua-Chi creates Energy for the Body with low levels of ionization as a secondary effect. This is why the Aqua-Chi is referred to on our product label and in our printed materials as A HYDROSTIMULATION UNIT or SPA. What this means is that the Aqua-Chi's primary effect (the main purpose) is to stimulate the water to produce an electrical charge itself that's compatible with the body. In other words the Aqua-Chi stimulates the water, the water responds to the stimulation by producing an electrical charge from the water itself. The effect is kind of like a waterfall, the droplets of water moving around rub against each other, which produces a small electrical charge. This electrical charge is what your body can use, NOT the charges produced in the ionization effect. Take a look at the photos below.
Observe how aggressive the Ioncleanse is on the water, with high levels of discoloration being produced by the array. With the Aqua-Chi you see a gentle stimulation to produce the life energy effect with minimal discoloration from ionization. This also clearly demonstrates that churning up the water with high ionization and producing dirty water has nothing to do with how effective any unit is.

Buy Aqua-Chi!

Its technology is proven, and above all its PROVEN to be SAFE .
View the Tomato Test again
The Aqua-Chi tomato being charged.The IonCleanse® tomato being charged.
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