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Tomato Test
This test was conducted in a controlled environment using (3) tomatos from a local farmers market. Two simultaneous tests were conducted. The results are astounding. Here is the setup:
• (3) tomatos from the same harvest lot - similar size, color, ripeness & density
• Tomato #1 - given a 35 minute treatment with the IonCleanseÆ Spa
• Tomato #2 - CONTROL - given no treatment whatsoever
• Tomato #3 - given a 35 minute treatment in The Aqua-Chi Model 5400 footbath spa
• Southern exposure window in an undisturbed room
• Panasonic DVX100 camera, set on time lapse mode (record 15 frames every 10 minutes)
• Battery backup power on the camera
• Test for (5) weeks - time lapse final video to 1 minute duration - start to finish Conclusion: The tomato charged by the IonCleanse rotted at an acellerated rate compared to the control tomato and the Aqua-Chi tomato. The tomato charged by The Aqua-Chi stayed fresh and healthy even past the normal spoiling time of the control.
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