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Why We Need to Detox

Why We Need To Detox and how an Aqua Chi foot detox can help detox your body

What’s the rationale for a foot detox?  Part of the reason we all need to detox is that our bodies (especially our livers and kidneys) have become saturated with toxins that we've absorbed over time through the air we breathe, the fluids we drink, and the food we eat. Toxins can be poisons, heavy metals, pesticides, fungicides, cleaning solvents, smog, and many substances we don't even know are leaching into our bodies via our clothing, our furniture, and even carpets. Many of the worst toxins we can ingest are put into our foods as additives and preservatives, yet most of us aren't even aware of this.  Toxins and poor-quality food accelerate the aging process at a cellular level.   A periodic foot detox with the Aqua Chi foot detox spa helps counter this process by removing toxins from your body.

When our body encounters toxins, it has only a few ways to handle them:  It hides them in fat; dumps them into tissue, such as muscle, organs, and bone; or eliminates them through waste.  Our overloaded bodies alert us that they are in a toxic state by sending out messages in the form of fatigue, gas, headaches, food cravings, constipation, food allergies, chronic pain, blood sugar imbalances such as diabetes and hypoglycemia, attention problems, premenstrual syndrome, poor sleep, acne and other skin problems, poor digestion, bad breath, and a host of other conditions.  You ask what is a natural way to detoxify your body? An Aqua Chi foot detox session dramatically increases energy levels and helps in detoxifying the body.

Before Foot Detox One picture was taken at the start of the Aqua Chi foot detox and the other at the end of the foot detox.

During an Aqua Chi foot detox session the water changes color tending to become different colors

for different individuals.  The reason this occurs during a foot detox depends on both the water used and
on the individual but is because your body is removing toxins from your body.
Foot Detox Finish
Some of the best results reported from a foot detox have been with detoxification, improved sleeping patterns, pain reduction, and reduced inflammation and recovery time.  Users have experienced improvement in many chronic conditions through regular use of the Aqua Chi foot detox.  But even without an obvious health challenge a periodic foot detox makes sense in maintaining our health and detoxifying the body.  “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” as the saying goes.

Typically, after an Aqua Chi foot detox, users feel relaxed and experience heightened mental clarity.  Users report, however, that it is the cumulative effect of periodic foot detox sessions that provides a greater long term benefit.

To find what is the natural way to detoxify your body, search our site for more information. For more on the benefits of the Aqua Chi foot detox see the Proof as well as the testimonies of foot detox users.
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DISCLAIMER: None of this information and/or the Aqua Chi Detox Foot Spa is intended to cure, treat, prevent or diagnose disease of any kind. None of these statements, research or the Aqua Chi have been evaluated by the FDA.

CAUTION: Pregnant women and/or people taking medications should consult with a health care professional and/or their medical doctor trained in its use to monitor results and/or prescribe a protocol before using this device. It is not recommended for people with pacemakers or organ transplants as not enough research has been done on these conditions.