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Get Ready for a detox foot spa and re-energize your life!

Get Ready for a detox foot spa and re-energize your life!

Energize your well-being and enhance your body's ability to detoxify and heal with the Aqua Chi ionic foot spa!  It will make a world of difference in your health, in your energy and in your LIFE!

Using the Aqua Chi ionic foot spa to re-balance and amplify your body's bio-electric field is an essential part of any health and wellness plan. When the foot detox spa is combined with good nutrition & foods, hydration, and an active lifestyle the results can be amazing.

The Aqua Chi detox foot spa is a state of the art noninvasive water based energy system designed to increase energy levels in living things. The Aqua Chi is the first detox foot bath to be made and sold in North America, and for eight years has been the world leader in ionic foot spa technology.

You can buy the Aqua-Chi Professional Model TC 5000 Foot Bath here or the Standard Model TC 5000 Foot Bath here. But first you should pick up your $150 Discount Coupon here!

These outstanding features of the Aqua-Chi detox foot spa have made it the first choice of practitioners, spas, salons and individuals who are serious about achieving and maintaining optimal health:
Aqua-Chi Detox Foot Spa
  • 100% Satisfaction Money-back Guarantee
  • Ruggedly Designed for Day to Day Use
  • The Safest and Most Reliable Foot Spa
  • Industry Leading 7 Year Warranty
  • Outstanding Customer Service
  • Superior Quality Detox Foot Spa
  • Exceptional Value
  • Made in the USA
  • Easy to Use
Awesome videos and pictures of comparison testing prove the Aqua-Chi detox foot spa is the best choice!

The Aqua-Chi detox foot spa is designed to operate with water because water is the basis of all biological function. All the different types of cells in our bodies need water for hydration AND energy to perform their designated tasks. With the depletion of either water OR energy the cells are deprived and poor health can result. So keeping them healthy and energized with the Aqua Chi detox foot bath is not only smart, it's vital!

Combining the life-giving properties of water with a specialized bio-electric charge, the Aqua Chi detox footbath enhances the body's ability to heal. The detox foot spa system works through the medium of water by making available EXTRA ENERGY that the living cell can utilize. The bio-electric charge produced by the Aqua-Chi ionic foot spa dramatically increases energy levels and helps detoxify your body. Learn more about how the Aqua-Chi foot detox spa works in the Aqua-Chi Booklet.

You Can Feel The Energy of a Natural Hot Spring Without Leaving Your Own Home

Aqua Chi foot spa in use

The negative ions created during an Aqua Chi ionic foot spa session are similar to those found in hot springs and other naturally charged water sources known to be beneficial to the body. These waters are naturally charged and give up some of their charge to the body on contact. This is the fundamental process utilized by the Aqua Chi detox foot bath, the transference of energy through water.

The same process that boosts energy levels and increases vitality during an Aqua-Chi footbath session also enhances the body's ability to detox.

Why We Need To Detox:
Part of the reason we all need to detox is that our bodies (especially our livers and kidneys) have become saturated with toxins that we've absorbed over time through the air we breathe, the fluids we drink, and the food we eat. Read more here.

Easy to Use:
Using the Aqua Chi foot detox spa is very easy. Complete, clear, and simple instructions in the user's manual explain how to set up the system. Then when you're ready, simply place your feet in the warm water of the foot spa, or indulge in the luxury of a full body bath and relax while the Aqua-Chi detox foot bath does its work. It doesn't take a lot of your time either, just 20 - 30 minutes. As long as you have water and access to a power outlet you can use it anywhere, making your Aqua-Chi detox foot spa completely portable.

Foot Spa Start

Foot Spa End

First a container is filled with enough water to cover the top of the module.  The timer is then set for 20-30 minutes. As the Aqua-Chi detox foot bath begins to energize and detox your body the water will slowly begin to change color and you may feel a gentle tingling sensation. The color may show anything from a slight discoloration to a very dark brown depending upon the individual using the footbath and the source of the water.

Two Models to choose from:

The Aqua-Chi detox foot spa is available in two different models, the TC 5000 Standard Model detox foot spa and the TC 5000 Professional Model ionic foot spa. Both are functionally identical and produce the same bio-electric charge.

The Professional Model TC 5000 foot detox spa includes two modules and twenty-five sets of replacement rings to meet the needs of practitioners who need to accommodate a busy schedule of clients. The additional items included with the Professional Model detox foot spa provide a healthy cost savings over purchasing the items separately.
Aqua Chi Professional Model TC-5000Aqua Chi Professional Model TC-5000The AQ-010-C Professional Model is the latest pro model (as above) and it is packaged in the silver attache case.  The unit includes: a heavy duty power pack, 2 module / arrays, 2 connecting cables, 20 replacement ring sets, and 2 spare fuses.  All Aqua-Chi TC - 5000 foot baths are covered by a manufacturer's 7 year warranty. *No basin or liners are included.
Aqua Chi Standard Model TC-5000 AQ-011Aqua Chi Standard Model TC-5000 AQ-011All that is needed is a container, electrical source, and water! From the industry leader in ionic foot bath technology, the Aqua-Chi Model TC-5000 Standard foot spa unit is recommended for individual use, where the need for replacement parts is limited. Completely portable, the unit comes with a rugged and attractive aluminum carrying case.
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** The Safest and Most Reliable Detox Foot Spa **

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Frankly, we give you the Best Value for your money with reliable performance at a competitive price. FREE SHIPPING on all new Aqua-Chi Footbath Unit orders shipped within the continental U.S., plus a Full 7 Year warranty, unlimited telephone support, and the Guaranteed Best Price. We look forward to serving you.
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CAUTION: Pregnant women and/or people taking medications should consult with a health care professional and/or their medical doctor trained in its use to monitor results and/or prescribe a protocol before using this device. It is not recommended for people with pacemakers or organ transplants as not enough research has been done on these conditions.